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The Atlas Mystic

The Atlas Mystic is a visionary practitioner based in Glasgow, Scotland. 

Services of a Shamanic nature include soul retrieval, extraction, psychopomp work, curse unravelling, de-possession / archetypal energy removal, land healing, ancestral lineage healing and workshop program creation and facilitation. 

Shamanism is a word full of many connotations, and it does not originate from the British Isles. It is a Tungus word from Siberia in North Asia. It's now used interchangeably for more out-dated words such as awenydd (Welsh), fiosaiche, (Scotland), ícithe (Ireland). Spirit-keeping work is a more modern term. 

Spirit-keeping work is based on animism, which is the belief that everything, including rocks, trees, plants, animals and humans, have a spirit. From working closely with the Medicine Wheel, we begin to undertake from our intuitive selves that we are nature, and are not separate from nature, but that feelings of unease or separation can come about from certain experiences. This work is about restoration of the wholeness so we feel less separation to ourselves and to the divine. 

Essentially, spirit-keeping work is about harbouring energies harmoniously as this is vital energy work. It is about restoring balance within ourselves for our own authenticity to come through, and for layers of outdated patterns to shed. Whilst The Atlas Mystic prefers the terms Earth-Keeper or Spirit-Keeper to the misnomer Shamanic practitioner, it is used interchangeably for inclusive purposes in understanding.

The Atlas Mystic has a double meaning. Altas, refers to the practitioner's ability to navigate in-between worlds on behalf of a client. It refers to the Altas bone, which is the very first bone of the cervical vertebra. The Atlas bone allows the head to move forwards & backwards.

The Atlas area is a crucial spiritual gateway and covers the throat chakra area. This work is about clear and transparent communication. For it is the Atlas Mystic's role to interpret the metaphors and symbols which come through in altered state visions for you, the client. As it is also the role to restore wholeness on your behalf by working with helping, compassionate spirits. 

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