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The Atlas Mystic

The Atlas Mystic is a Shamanic practitioner based in Glasgow, Scotland. 
Services of a Shamanic nature include soul retrieval, extraction, psychopomp work, curse unravelling, de-possession / archetypal energy removal, land healing, ancestral lineage healing and house clearing. Other services include Reiki, chakra rebalancing, tarot card reading, astrology reading spiritual counselling, consultancy, and workshop program creation and facilitation. 

Do you ​feel stuck from limiting beliefs?
Does trauma hold you back?
Would you like to heal and move on?

Shamanism is a word full of many connotations, and it does not originate from the British Isles. It is a Tungus word from Siberia in North Asia. It's now used interchangeably for more out-dated words such as awenydd (Welsh), fiosaiche, (Scotland), ícithe (Ireland). Spirit-keeping work is a more modern term. 

Spirit-keeping work is based on animism, which is the belief that everything, including rocks, trees, plants, animals and humans, have a spirit. From working closely with the Medicine Wheel, we begin to undertake from our intuitive selves that we are nature, and are not separate from nature, but that feelings of unease or separation can come about from certain life experiences. This work is about restoration of the wholeness so we feel less separation to ourselves and to the divine. 

Essentially, Shamanism / spirit-keeping work is about harbouring energies harmoniously as this is vital energy work. It is about restoring balance within ourselves for our own authenticity to come through, and for layers of outdated patterns to shed.


  • Available Online

    To answer any questions to book

  • Available Online

    Introduction to Shamanism to book

    100 British pounds
  • Available Online

    Voyage to Another Realm. to book

    100 British pounds
  • Remove a hex or curse to book

    100 British pounds
  • Available Online

    Remove an unwanted energy to book

    100 British pounds
  • Available Online

    Heal wounds of the past to book

    100 British pounds
  • Sacredness through ritual to book


    Starting at £ 25 PP
  • Heal the land from trauma to book

    150 British pounds
  • Available Online

    Voyage to your new era to book

    Price Negotiable
  • Self-development is self-empowerment to book

    Price Negotiable

  • 150 British pounds
  • Available Online

    Email to book

    45 British pounds

  • 30 British pounds

  • Available Online

    80 British pounds
Starry Sky

“Keep some room in your heart for the unimaginable.”

Mary Oliver

Rock Maze

A Bit About The Atlas Mystic

Guiding You On the Path of Self-Discovery

I can at present visit you in your home or work place within the Greater Glasgow area to carry out a healing session or group workshop. You can also visit my own setting or I can book a therapy room instead. Alternatively, I can do the same healing sessions online via Zoom. All you would need is access to a digital device such as a laptop or tablet, and to WiFi. There is a surcharge for any transport expenses if and when I travel to you. 

I take a person-centred approach to my work, which is a spirit-led practice built on a foundation of empathy. I have so much passion for what I do. 

When intention is the foundation of this work, my own aim is to be my authentic self with you, in which communication is clear, honest and transparent. 

This work is about nurturing the soul, feeding it with compassion, so we can go back to our true essence after suffering a loss of some kind. Or, it can be very much about growing on your path of self-development. 

The Atlas Mystic has done Shamanic training with Carol Day of Creative Earth Ensemble, Betsy Bergstrom of Spirit Wise, Gillian Alexander of Sacred Heart, and Christina Pratt of The Last Mask Center and Sandra Ingerman and Renee Baribeau. 

Book: or call or text 07950405297

Full Moon
Image by Ricardo Rocha
Image by Denis Degioanni

We are stardust having a human experience,

We are constellations in families, descended from ancestors of stars,

We are circadian, celestial beings, with infradian rhythms- Continually moving, growing, glowing,

With the only true constant as change

The Atlas Mystic


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The Atlas Mystic

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